Dentures vs. Implants; Which Would Be Better?

Many people would shudder at the thought of having to wear dentures someday. They think that it would make them look so much older than they really are. But had they taken better care of their oral and dental health, this day would never have had to arrive. Even so, it is not all bad, and plenty of good will or could come from an implant supported dentures vero beach fl treatment and care regime.

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All around, dental technologies have come a long way. The wearing of dentures, should push come to shove, no longer needs to be an unsightly or uncomfortable experience. First and foremost, the cosmetic aspects have vastly improved. Dentures look, more or less, like the real teeth that it replaced. What sets this in motion is the impression that the dentist or orthodontist takes. He then passes this information on to the dental technologist who must now go and prepare the structures in his laboratory.

Today, there is a general preference for the use and wearing of dental implants. But a middle ground can still be reached. Indeed, it becomes necessary at times to utilize implants to support the structure of the dentures. This contributes to the structure remaining fixed and allowing the patient to enjoy everyday movement and use of his oral and dental structure without the discomfort of dental structures falling out of place.

Note that not all people will be equipped with implants should they so desire. The determining factor cannot be influenced by cosmetics alone. The orthodontist still needs to take into account the shape and size and structure of his patient’s jaw. Ultimately, whatever the orthodontist prescribes for the patient will be in his best interests. There is no clear answer at this point as to which would be better.